What a terrific program!  Watching the four year olds frolicking together is a nice diversion after a busy work week.  My daughter is having a ball.

--Yoko M.  Albany 2013

I highly recommend El CerritoSports Camp.  The entire coaching staff, especially Coach Joel, is great with the kids.  My boys really liked the non-competitive nature of the Sundays Sports Camp and the different games at the Summer Camp.

--Ben K. El Cerrito 2011


Joel is great with the 4-5 year olds.  Our daughters got their start with this program, and will soon move on to playing on Soccer teams.  That they were able to learn in a non-competitive atmosphere was highly beneficial to their development.  They are enthususiastic about being on a team, we think, because of the nurturing they received participating in this fun, co-ed program. 

--Michelle R. - El Cerrito, 2011


El Cerrito Sports Camp is a nice alternative to competition, or a good preparation for eventual competition for young children.  My husband and I think that what is offered here is something very nice; sort of a compromise between instruction and a family picnic- definitely fun and not a lot of pressure.  Our son and daughter have enjoyed the Sunday Soccer Camp and the summer program.

Guthrie and Jen - Oakland, CA - 2010


"We've loved to be part of the El Cerrito Sports Camp over the last couple of years.  Our son is now six and we believe his physical coordination, mental focus and enthusiasm for sports have significantly increased during this time as a result of his camp experience.  We feel strongly that it has so much to do with Norm's style as the director along with his staff - all who seem particularly thoughtful and knowledgable about the importance of adapting the level of information to the age of the child, in a very loving and supportive atmosphere.  

Our son is learning the technical aspects of soccer as well as the importance of working together as a team, the importance of fairness, and sportsmanship.  As a mom I also feel that Norm and his staff really love what they do.  They always have a kind word and sometimes a good joke or two to start our Sunday afternoons with a smile.  We also think that the location has been really special.  It's nestled in the El Cerrito hills just a few blocks up from the flats.  The field is next to some trails and a pond, as well as a play structure and tennis courts which makes it nice for parents who might have other children or might want to get in a few games of tennis while the kids play.  If you're looking for a sports camp for your kids, we recommend the El Cerrito Sports Camp. Thanks to Norm and all the staff!!"  

Brigid Kennedy Acuna, aka Oscar's mom - June 2010