Page updated March 14, 2014


Director:  Norm Friedman 

Norm has been working with children in the East Bay for over 25 years, creating and directing programs and teaching a wide variety of sports, as well as chess and cartooning classes.  His first program in El Cerrito was a weekend baseball session held at Cerrito Vista Park in September,1992.

All programs, from the summer of 1989 to the present, have been strictly non-competitive and co-ed.

Affiliations over the years:

  • Approximately 30 East Bay Elementary Schools
  • El Cerrito Community Center
  • Piedmont Community Center
  • Albany Community Center
  • Berkeley-Richmond Jewish Community Center


Assistant Director:  Joel Gildersleeve 

Joel has been a teacher in the Albany Unified School District for the past nine years.  Joel can be found at the Cornell School.  He first teamed up with Norm 13 years ago, becoming Assistant Director two years later. 

During the summer, he is there to greet your kids in the early morning! On Sundays, Joel oversees our 4-5 year olds when family responsibilities and his teaching job allow him the time.  

Senior Staff

Charles Holder:

20 years ago, Charles was a participant!  At age 14 he joined us as an assitant coach.  That was somewhere around the turn of the century!  One of our most experienced coaches, to say the least.


Charles Price:

A veteran of City of El Cerrito childcare programs, the super-energetic Mr. Price has just joined us this fall.  He wears a Hunter Pence jersey and sports a similar passion.


Jacob Harris:

Jacob just graduated from Sonoma State.  Summer Camp 2014 will be # 9 for Jacob, who is an energetic, take charge type and a kids' favorite.  We consider him our 'Assistant to the Assistant Director'. 


John Dorsey:

John graduated as an honor student from EC High in 2012. Having first put in three summers as a volunteer in City of El Cerrito Summer Camps, John will be participating for a 3rd year in our 2014 camp.

Jenya Jawad:

An experienced Soccer player with instructional credentials, Jenya is also a valued childcare person in City of El Cerrito programs.  This fall, she joins us on Sunday for the first time.


Sheila Bauzon :

Sports Camp 2014 is #5 for Sheila, who is also a coach in our Sunday Soccer & Baseball program when she can take a break from her studies.  Great energy.  Great attitude.  Sheila graduated from El Cerrito High (as Homecoming Queen!) in 2012, and is currently concluding her sophomore year at Mills College in Oakland.



Eli Berson :

About 13 years ago, after watching his brother Adam participate for about two years, Eli set a 'youngest ever' record by joining us for soccer at 3 years 8 months!  Summer Camp 2014 will be his 2nd.  Eli is a coach in our Sunday Soccer & Baseball Program.


Reilly Seban:

Reilly began with us in February, 2013.  On Sundays, Reilly takes the older soccer group when he is available.  He is the starting catcher on the EC High baseball team.  The 2014 Summer Camp will be his 2nd.


Shail Sierra-Koncar:

Shail joined us this past school year as a coach in our Sunday program.  This will his first Sports Camp with us.


Emily Leung :

Emily joined us last year for the Sunday Soccer and Baseball Program and the 2013 Summer Sports Camp.  She is presently with us at Canyon Trail Park on Sundays, and will have her 2nd summer with us at Cerrito Vista.


Aijaynae Cornish :

One of our young, smiling faces.  This summer will be Sports Camp #3 for Aijaynae.