2016 Sports Camp Staff


Director:  Norm Friedman 

Norm has been working with children in the East Bay for over 25 years, creating and directing programs and teaching a wide variety of sports, as well as chess and cartooning classes.  His first program in El Cerrito was a weekend baseball session held at Cerrito Vista Park in September,1992.

All programs, from the summer of 1989 to the present, have been strictly non-competitive and co-ed.

Affiliations over the years:

  • Approximately 30 East Bay Elementary Schools
  • El Cerrito Community Center
  • Piedmont Community Center
  • Albany Community Center
  • Berkeley-Richmond Jewish Community Center


Assistant Director:  Joel Gildersleeve 

Joel has been a teacher in the Albany Unified School District for the past eleven years.  Joel can be found at the Cornell School.  He first teamed up with Norm 18 years ago, becoming Assistant Director two years later. 

During the summer, he is there to greet your kids in the early morning! On Sundays, Joel oversees our 4-5 year olds.


Summer Camp Counselors (only)


Sheila Bauzon 

Sports Camp 2015 was #6 for Sheila who is no longer a coach in our Sunday Soccer & Baseball program .  College, you know?  Great energy.  Great attitude.  Sheila, who graduated from El Cerrito High as Homecoming Queen in 2012, is currently in her senior year at Mills College.

Note:  Sheila just graduated from Mills College and has begun a nursing career.  Good for her!  She will be missed.

Emily Leung 

Emily, reliable and fun, had her third consecutive summer last year. Career options permitting, Emily will likely be back in 2016.



*** Counselors in the Sunday Program & the Summer Sports Camp

Cailyn Sakurai  ***

A 2015 Sports Camp recruit, Cailyn brought her enthusiasm and good humor to Sports Camp for the first time last summer.  She assisted us in the fall session which just ended, and is expected back in 2016.


Dakota Bodell ***

Dakota arrived in the fall of 2015 and did a great job as a soccer instructor.  We look forward to her continued participation.


Cameron Daly ***

We first saw Cameron about ten years ago... when he was a participant!  Cameron joined us in mid-summer last year, worked with us on Sundays this fall, and is expected to comtinue through 2016.


Henry Lindsay ***

Not too long ago a summer camper himself,  Henry was our C.I.T. extroadinaire last summer.  An assistant coach on Sundays,  Henry has earned counselor status for 2016.

Pierre Grigsby-Olsen-Wilgens ***


Pierre is our newest CIT.  Nine years ago he, too, was a participant in our program. Now 15, he has just joined us for the current Sunday Spring Session, and he will also be aboard this coming summer. Really great kid!





John Dorsey

After 4 consecutive Sports Camps, John was unavailable in 2015. One of the nicest guys you'd want your kids to spend time with, John always brings welcome energy and lots of experience.  Possible returnee for the 2016 Summer Camp.


Colin Outhisack

Colin is an Ultimate Frisbee instructor at the college level, and one of Assistant Director Joel Gildersleeve's fellow teachers at the Cornell School.  After a month in Europe, Colinl joined us in early July, 2015and was on staff for the remainder of the summer.  He may be back in 2016, depending on career alternatives. 


David Platford 

A talented artist and an excellent baseball player in his younger days, David has occasionally served as a coach/counselor during the past 16 years. 


CIT:   Positions open for 2016 Sports Camp  - Ages 14-15 eligible