2019 Sports Camp Staff

If you are interested in joining the staff,

please see the bottom of this column.

Director:  Norm Friedman 

Norm has been working with children in the East Bay for 30 years, creating and directing programs, and personally teaching a wide variety of sports, chess, and cartooning classes.  His first program in El Cerrito was a weekend baseball session held at Cerrito Vista Park nearly 27 years ago in September,1992.

All programs, from the summer of 1989 to the present, have been strictly non-competitive and co-ed.

Affiliations over the years:

  • Approximately 30 East Bay Elementary Schools
  • El Cerrito Community Center
  • Piedmont Community Center
  • Albany Community Center
  • Berkeley-Richmond Jewish Community Center


Assistant Director:  Joel Gildersleeve 

Joel has been a teacher in the Albany Unified School District for the past 15 years.  He can be found at the Cornell School. 

Joel, became Assistant Director two years after joining us.  This will be the 21st consecutive summer working together for Joel and Norm.  Not bad, one might say. 

During the summer, Joel will be there to greet your kids in the early morning, and say good-bye in the late afternoon.

A note regarding our partnership:

Long experience with Sports Camp has enabled us to make solid improvements over the years.  We always endeavor to enhance the program by improving our attention to safety, and adjusting activities to provide what the children most prefer to engage in. 

To increase the fun, we also periodically purchase new, quality equipment, such as the recent introduction of "Air Hockey", and an incredibly popular "Basketball Shooting Game" with a timer and automatic scorer which lights up.   We now also have multiple "Foosball Sets" on hand. 

We have conscientiously gone about improving the quality of our staff and making the environment for the children one in which they may feel safe and respected as individuals.  We require only that the children engage in safe play and exhibit good sportsmanship, which is to say 'good behavior'.  There is little 'competition', but a lot of fun to be had while playing sports and games, as it should be!

The return of so many campers over the years, and the fact that more than a few eventually become volunteers and staff members, speaks well for what we have established here in the City of El Cerrito.  Sports Camp is a reliable place for children to come for fun and a bit of learning while running around in beautiful Cerrito Vista Park.

We shoot to maintain a high standard.  Joel and I hope we live up to your expectations.  If you should have a concern about anything having to do with the camp, or your child. please to not hesitate to speak to either of us. 

Norm Friedman, Director

May 25, 2019



Senior Staff


Katy Miyamura

Katy just concluded her Sophomore year at Long Beach College, She has experience in basketball, volleyball, and dance.  2019 is her second summer with us. Katy will work closely with Joel in coordinating and overseeing camp activiies


Tenzin Youedon

Tenzin, back for a second summer, will unfortunately (for us) be traveling back to her home country, Tibet, for a long visit after the second week of camp.


Taiyo Keilin

This coming summer will be #3 for Taiyo.  His specialty is baseball and having a great attitude.  Also, he's best buddies with Henry.  Taiyo graduated this June from ECHS.


Henry Lindsay

For many years a summer camper himself,  Henry was our star C.I.T. in 2015.  He became a full fledged counselor the following year. This will be his 5th summer with us. Like Taiyo, Henry also graduated from ECHS this June.

Charles Holder

Hard to believe, but Charles was a kid in the program back in the early 90's.  He's been a staff member on and off (mostly 'on') for nearly twenty years!  He hasn't changed a bit.  (I hope he reads this.)


Connor Robertson

Conner joined us late in the 2018 summer.  We expect him back for week #3 this year.



Zephyr Wu-Zucker

Zephyr was a camper for about 6 years before becoming a volunteer in 2018.  He returns this summer as a regular counselor!


Sofia Lindsay

Here we go again!  Like her brother Henry (see above), Sofia was a camper herself a few years ago.   As a CIT in 2017, Sofia was absolutely terrific, especially with the younger chidren.  She became a regular counselors in 2018, and is now back again for summer #3.

Brinda Archarya

Last summer Brinda performed magnificently as one of our volunteers.  In 2019 she steps up as a counselor.  A welcome addition to our staff!


Tenzin Choeying

Our most recent additon, Tenzin volunteered last summer at a local Tibetan camp.  This summer, we say welcome aboard.



Stephen Gerner   &   Milo Fisher-Golton

Need I say that both Stephen and Milo spent about a dozen summers between them as Sports Camp attendees?  Yes, there is a strong pattern here.  We look forward to their contributions this summer!





2019 Sports Camp 

Positions open:


CIT's (Volunteers):    Ages 14-15 eligible to apply.

Counselors:  Age 16+.  Experience preferred, but not mandatory.

Assistant to the Assistant Director:   Possibly 1-2 openings for mature individuals with decent credentials.