2017-2018 Sports Camp Staff

Please see the bottom of this column if interested in joining us!

Director:  Norm Friedman 

Norm has been working with children in the East Bay for nearly 30 years, creating and directing programs, and personally teaching a wide variety of sports, chess, and cartooning classes.  His first program in El Cerrito was a weekend baseball session held at Cerrito Vista Park 25 years ago in September,1992.

All programs, from the summer of 1989 to the present, have been strictly non-competitive and co-ed.

Affiliations over the years:

  • Approximately 30 East Bay Elementary Schools
  • El Cerrito Community Center
  • Piedmont Community Center
  • Albany Community Center
  • Berkeley-Richmond Jewish Community Center


Assistant Director:  Joel Gildersleeve 

Joel has been a teacher in the Albany Unified School District for the past thirteen years.  Joel can be found at the Cornell School.  He first teamed up with Norm 19 years ago, becoming Assistant Director two years later. 

During the summer, he is there to greet your kids in the early morning, and say good-bye in the late afternoon.

Joel is our head coach on Sundays.  His specialty is coordinating the soccer and baseball session for our 4-5 year olds.





Cailyn Sakurai 

A 2015 Sports Camp recruit, Cailyn's warm personality made an immediate impact    Much liked by the kids, to be sure, she is expected back for a 4th summer in 2018.


Henry Lindsay

Not too long ago a summer camper himself,  Henry was our C.I.T. extroadinaire in 2015.    He became a full fledged counselor in 2016, then returned again for the summer recently concluded.  Henry is expected back for his 4th summer in 2018.   He is also an assistant coach on Sundays,

Pierre Grigsby-Olsen-Wilgens

Pierre was a CIT in 2016, contributing great enthusiasm to both the Sunday program and the summer camp.  Nine years ago he, too, was a participant in our program!  A full counselor in 2017, Pierre will be with us on Sundays and again next summer.


Jacob Edwards

Yet another former participant!  Jacob and his brother spent several summers at sports camp some years back.  Now 18, Jacob put in a great effort in the summer of 2017.  He will be with us on Sundays this fall, and is expected back again for the 2018 summer camp.

Taiyo Keilin

Summer Camp 2017 was Taiyo's first experience with us. After a solid performance this past summer, Taiyo's presence will be most welcome on Sundays.  He is expected to continue through next summer.

Aidan Cooney

In the summer of 2016 Aidan was one of out best ever finds as a CIT.  Naturally, we were glad that he was with us as a counselor in 2017.  He'll be back once again next summer, too.

Sofia Lindsay

Like her brother Henry (see above), Sofia was a camper herself just  a few years ago.  As a CIT in 2017, Sofia was absolutely terrific, especially with the younger chidren.  She will be one of our counselors next summer.

Ian Ruth

Ian and his sister attended our camps for many years.  Does anyone sense a pattern here?  A CIT in 2017, Ian will be a counselor in the 2018 summer camp; a most welcome addition to our staff.



2018 Sports Camp 

Summer Camp positions open:

CIT's:    Ages 14-15 eligible.

Counselors:   Experience preferred, but not mandatory.

Assistant to the Assistant Director:   1-2 openings for a  mature person with credentials.